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Home ImageArgus Private is a fully integrated financial services business, specialising in Accounting, Finance, Property and Wealth services. Our commitment is to manage all aspects of your financial assets, collaborating with you, goal setting and strategy development, implementation and ongoing review.

Argus was a Greek primordial giant whose all-seeing led to his being described with multiple, often one hundred eyes. The epithet Panoptes, reflecting his mystic role was described in a fragment of a lost poem Aigimios.

And set a watcher upon her, great and strong Argus, who with four eyes looks every way. And the goddess stirred in him unwearying strength: sleep never fell upon his eyes; but he kept sure watch always.

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Bank reconciliation and it’s importance to your business

Posted on: Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Figuring out exactly how much money is really available in your business bank account can be an attempt to hit a moving target. Just when you think you know it, something else pops up. Although the advent of online banking makes balancing your books a bit easier, a bank reconciliation is necessary. It’s the only […]

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